March 23, 2023
Clinical trial translation

The demand for clinical trials of new drugs has increased in recent years. Also, the treatments have also increased all over the world. As per the reports quoted by the Grand View research clinical trials in the global market were more than 44.3 billion USD in 2020. And this has reached new heights in 2023. They are also hopeful to see it expand beyond limits in the years to come with an annual growth rate of 5.7% from 2023 to 2028. The market for clinical trials is growing beyond expectations.

Advanced technology and the globalized world have also made life science matter more complex. There are new shortcomings that differ with the different cultures all over the world. Pharmaceutical translation services are also becoming significant to facilitate human beings with a better cure. Understanding all the aspects of the medical industry has become truly paramount in clinical studies. Why? because the stakes in this field are usually higher.

Professional pharmaceutical translation services are indispensable for clinical trials. The importance of medical translation has been increasing with every passing day. You need to understand how medical translation is more than proficiency in the two languages.

The process of clinical trials

Clinical trials are a type of clinical research that shows the tests and treatments that evaluate the effects on human health.

During clinical trials, they seek to detect new diseases, diagnose these, and asses the course of the diseases. Other researches also deal with the objectives of preventing the onset of disease.

Clinical trial translation, as well as pharmaceutical translation services, collaborate to develop the drugs and research underway. This also stimulates the application phase. Two relevant examples include cancer cure treatments and clinical research for the COVID-19 vaccines.

Why it matters

Translation services in the pharmaceutical industry matter a lot for obvious reasons. The sub-disciplines within life science translation cover many dimensions. These include medicine, as an industry, and as a service. Hence, it is made up of a number of several specialties. For instance, clinical trial translation to translation of medical devices, equipment, and manuals.

Clinical research has also become an important source of employment and economic growth. Translators are primarily required for this purpose. 

Four reasons why clinical trial translation services are significant.

  1. To save lives

New drugs, vaccines, and medicines are launched in the markets after many scans and runs. The medical industry keeps on collaborating to work on new medicines and vaccines. The ultimate purpose is to save lives. Many times professionals from different regions come forward to work and research together. Certified clinical trial translation services get vital in their case to understand each other better. Mainly because miscommunication and misunderstanding can cause serious problems.

  1. More volunteers

With the clinical trial translation particularly informed consent translation for Doctor’s offices, research teams now can have wider audiences to reach. There are more volunteers who can take part in the process and study. The volunteers don’t join the team just casually. They get a consent form and they have to agree on the particular clauses before they can actually be a part of the team. There could be serious consequences of volunteering during the process of clinical trials. Hence, it is important that the volunteer understand the pros and cons of their voluntary services. That can only happen when they get to know each and every detail of the process in their native language so that there are no ambiguities.

  1. Informed consent

Once clinical researchers and organizations start working with volunteers from other countries, it gets obligated ethically to translate these forms and protocols. The volunteers have to provide informed consent and crucial information should not be getting lost in the translation. Informed consent is significant for everyone participating in the process. The translation services make this process easy and it is convenient for everyone to understand the process in a better way.

  1. International academia

The translation of the clinical trials protocols and professional clinical trial translation services allows the information to go even across borders. It also enables researchers and professionals from different countries to come forward and collaborate for a noble cause. It brings a lot of opportunities for both the parties and professionals. They get to work and research and their profile get better. The extensive research increases their exposure and allows them to look into things differently. However, language hindrances could be a factor that can restrict the growth so the relevant team and people need to make sure that they get the relevant translation services to translate the content into their native language. It is significant to perform this practice so that they know what they are going to work on and if they are comfortable doing that work.


Clinical trials and their translation has become even more vital post-pandemic. Before indulging in translation it is important to understand the content, the procedure, how it works, and why it is important. Moreover, understanding the reasons for translation is also crucial to work in a better environment with fellow researchers.

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