March 23, 2023
Customer Communication Challenges

The Telecom industry is more competitive than before, with new challenges hitting the surface. Companies and customers always look for new insights, but customers are always ahead. If they demand, companies should provide. The surge in the telecom industry has benefitted companies, but they should cater to the growing demands. The number of mobile users worldwide is set to grow, and so will the demands and challenges. This post will uncover customer communication challenges you must know to deliver better services. Keep walking with us to learn more about these challenges and how to overcome them!

Customer communication challenges:

The post-pandemic world has brought excellent expansion for the telecommunication industry. However, with this growth and increase in demand, new challenges have hit the surface, and telcos have to deal with them. Everything will test your nerves whether you speak of safety, type approval, or marketing strategies. Telecom companies and service providers should be smart enough to stay one step ahead of their customers to overcome these challenges. Here is a list of five common customer communication challenges that require immediate attention. Let us begin with the basic one!

1. The growing demand for digital services:

Technology has come a long way, and these developments have increased the use of digital devices. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are widely used, and customers have changed their habits with this new trend. New standards in customer communication have surprised telecom players, but they are happy to know that customers demand digital services and channels.

Despite being a challenge, the telecom industry is aggressively catering to the growing demand for digital channels. Billions of customers worldwide can now enjoy streamlined telecom services thanks to modern technology and channels. The process of digital transformation is probably the best solution for those who still think about it!

2. Security and privacy:

How do you ensure security in the telecom industry? How would you know if a particular set of equipment is accepted widely? Telecom players should always prioritize customers’ security, and multiple factors can contribute to this. Since customers would trust you with their sensitive information like ID, credit card details, and photos, you should be smart enough to keep their information secure.

Security can also be reflected in the equipment you provide to your customers. Are the devices you offer legally approved? Many telecom players put this factor aside, but regulatory authorities will never allow them to work with unapproved devices. Therefore, if you still have unapproved devices, you should apply for TRA type approval to ensure the safety of your customers.

3. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a must-have:

Do you want your telecom company to be tech-savvy and advanced? You must incorporate artificial intelligence in your operations and offerings. Since most customers prefer multi-channel communication, they expect it to be backed with artificial intelligence. AI can make the service process easier, especially in the current dynamic and saturated telecom market.

According to Forrester, 63% of customers are satisfied with getting services from chatbots as long as they don’t need to start a conversation with humans. Telecom companies that don’t use AI in their services would have poor offerings and customer experience. The more they focus on this term, the better the customer experience.

4. Multi-channel communication:

Multiple communication channels can help customers solve their problems at their comfort points. Customers always like it easy, and a multi-channel solution will help them connect with your brand easily. Telecommunication companies should incorporate the multi-channel communication strategy, which includes the following platforms.

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Google Chat
  • Instagram

Being a wise telecom player, you should provide multiple communication channels to your customers. Since customer preferences create new service standards, you should never ignore them. A smart omnichannel solution could be the perfect plan to go with to overcome this challenge in the current era.

5. Transparency and compliance:

Is your company compliant with the set standards? If not, you should take concrete steps, as customers will never trust your name. Since they will share their personal information and sensitive data with you, they will ensure you stay compliant on each front. Transparency is highly appreciated in this industry, and you must be vigilant to meet the standards.

Telecom regulatory authorities in different states and countries have specific rules to follow. These rules are strictly implemented regarding the approval of telecom devices. Do you have unapproved devices in your company? You should apply for TRA type approval to meet the standards and stay compliant!

Approve your telecom devices with type approval!

Type approval is mandatory for almost every telecom player, and the higher authorities are serious about it. Before you start operations in a particular country like UAE, you should read the policy and apply for new TRA type approval version in UAE to ensure compliance on different levels. Being a UAE-based telecom company, you should opt for TRA type approval to approve your devices from regulatory authorities!

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