March 27, 2023
Things In Phuket

Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, is located in the Andaman Sea in the country’s southwest and offers a tropical paradise. It is also the most visited site in Thailand.

You will undoubtedly want to return to the dream beaches, the gustatory delights of Thai cuisine, the grandiose excursions, the underwater activities, the Big Buddha, or the surrounding islands. So, if you are planning your next trip to Phuket. Without any doubt, start planning, book singapore airlines bookings online in any class, and save up to 60% off on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do in Phuket and its surroundings to make planning your trip easier.


This is where Thailand’s typical partygoers congregate. Patong’s nightlife is wild and free, but be warned: it’s also a haven for debauchery and sex tourism. It’s a little creepy if you come alone, so bring a friend. However, if you come to Phuket to see quaint and authentic Thailand, avoid Patong.

Old Phuket Town

Phuket, a seaside resort on the island’s southeast coast, has a population of 80,000 people. Chinese-style mansions can still be seen in Old Phuket Town’s streets, founded in the nineteenth century by Chinese and Malay merchants. The Thai Hua Museum, the Hai Leng Ong Statue (the golden dragon monument), and Soi Rommanee are all must-sees.

Thai cabarets and traditional Thai shows

What else is there to do in Phuket besides see at least one traditional cabaret? Thailand is famous for its ladyboys who used to be…boys. Why not attend a cabaret performance in Phuket? To reassure more than one, it is a show that is popular with families.

The Big Buddha statue is 25 meters tall and stands on the top of Nakkerd Hill, overlooking everything. If you come to Phuket, you cannot miss the Big Buddha: it can be seen from anywhere! Its marble is from Burma, but in order to enter the site, you must cover your legs and shoulders in accordance with Buddhist codes.

Thai cooking

Thai cuisine can be described as succulent, refined, exotic, tasty, and occasionally surprising. Even in Bangkok, you can eat very good street food for €2 to €3, including the famous Pad Thai. Going out to eat becomes almost pointless. But be warned: the dishes are frequently very spicy.

Temple of Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is the largest and busiest of the 29 temples open to visitors on the island of Phuket. It was built in the early nineteenth century and has three floors that are 60 meters high. A large garden surrounds the buildings, making it ideal for a stroll after the visit. When entering the temple, remember to cover your legs and shoulders and remove your shoes.

Karon and Freedom Beaches

It is not a myth that Phuket is known for its dream beaches. People come here to stroll, cook on the sand – with proper precautions, of course – admire the scenery, snorkel, swim, or walk. The west coast has the most beautiful beaches:

A Muay Thai match (Thai boxing)

Visiting Thailand and not seeing a Thai boxing match is like visiting New York without seeing the Statue of Liberty! Come watch this Thai national sport and witness the excitement that takes place during the pre-match bets every Friday evening at the Boxing stadium in Phuket Town. The fights will be extremely impressive for the first time.

Phuket Aquarium, Phuket Phanwa Cap

There is a cape south of Ko Sire where you can visit the Marine Biology Research Center and the Phuket Aquarium and see hundreds of colorful and exotic marine species.

Wander through the 10-meter-long glass tunnel and observe various types of fish passing by. Continue your tour by going to the turtle hatchery in the back of the building, where they are raised in large tanks before being released.

In addition, the marine biology research center conducts numerous studies on tropical reef ecosystems and the development of reasonable and responsible commercial fishing.

How to reach Phuket?

By air

Looking for flights to Phuket? Phuket International Airport is the closest airport to the island and the second busiest in Thailand after Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is well connected to the rest of Thailand.

By train

Although no direct trains are there from Bangkok to Phuket, passengers can take trains to Singapore from Bangkok and get off at Phun Phin railway station. From Phun Phin, it will take 5 hours to reach by bus, which is in Surat Thani Province of Thailand.

By car

Traveling to Phuket by bus or car can be time-consuming and exhausting. There are numerous bus services that connect Phuket with various cities, making it convenient for both locals and tourists to commute. 


The island of Phuket is Southeast Asia’s first tourist destination, boasting a beautiful natural setting and hospitality characteristic of Thai culture. So, when are you heading? Book your vacation with AirlinesMap right away and get ready to experience the best things on your trip..!!

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