March 27, 2023

Internet and mobile technology have connected gamer worldwide and created a global game community. video game companies are aiming for global markets to expand their reach and earn higher revenues. With all the opportunities game developers have in the global marketplace, language is still a barrier to engaging with more users speaking different languages.

Companies buy professional gaming translation services to localize their game for foreign markets and smoothly increase their customer base. It’s crucial for gaming companies to adapt their game to each marketplace and get a better response from native customers. Language translations, indeed, play an important role in enhancing people’s engagement with your game. Let’s look at the significance of game translations and how it helps gaming companies make better profits.

Significance of Video Game Translations

It’s time to explore the benefits of translating and localizing your gaming app for overseas customers. Let’s find the benefits you are likely to get as a gaming company by translating your gaming app.

Translation Help Reach Wider Audiences

One major reason why you should go about language translations is to reach out to a larger customer base. If you are not translating your game, there will always be a communication gap between you and your customers. There are also chances that game users might not be able to comprehend some information because of their lack of English understanding. So, by not translating your game, you are restricting a potential group of game users from installing your game. Translating your game to different languages allows you to be accessible to wider audiences. Especially if you are going to target the Asian market, you must translate your game because the majority of their population is not English speakers.

Increase the Game App Store Ranking

Translating your app into the local languages enhances in-app visibility and contributes to a high ranking on the app store. Your app will get more exposure, and it will appeal to the native audience. You can get professional gaming translation services from a reliable LSP to translate your game app into a different language. Your app play store rankings are different for different regions, and localizing helps you rank your app higher, where more people can access it.

Increase Downloads

Do you know the majority of users who download iOS and play store apps are from non-English speaking countries? Localized games get the attention of more users, and they are more likely to download them because there is no barrier of language. So, if you are really serious about making more sales and earning good revenue from the game, you must localize it immediately for all target markets. More downloads mean you are expanding your market reach, and with each download, you are earning more revenue.

Enhance User Game Experience

The gaming market is becoming increasingly saturated, and the only way to survive in the global market for longer is by improving the user game experience. Translation plays a significant role in enhancing the overall user experience. Translation allows your users to easily understand the information and navigate through the game effortlessly. When it comes to enhancing the user game experience, you can go beyond translating and localizing other elements of your game to local preferences.

Basic localization is typically included in your software translation services. You can also ask your LSP about the localization solution they provide and how much they can help you with an adaptation of the game for foreign markets.

No Offense to Foreign Cultures

Suppose a US-based gaming company wants to target the Chinese game market. If they go with an English-only game, people will hardly download it because of language restrictions. The same thing goes with the majority of other Asian markets as well. Keeping the game culturally appropriate and resonating is another challenge to combat. Make sure there is no element in your game offending the local users. Cultural mistakes spoil your reputation, and you may face major backlash from the target user.

A similar situation occurred when PUBG first launched in China; the violent theme of the game was not suitable for the Chinese community. The gaming company very intelligently changed the game title from PUBG to “game for peace.” Just changing the title changed the way people will perceive the game. So, localization also helps you avoid cultural offense while launching your game to any new marketplace.


Translations can really help you accelerate your game growth in the global markets and help you reach out to a large number of users. However, choosing the right language service provider company is important to consider in this matter. Do detailed online research so you don’t end up wasting your hard-earned money on unreliable resources. For professional gaming and software translation services, you can partner with Mars Translation, a language service company that provides high-quality language solutions in a wide range of languages. Mars Translation provides affordable translation solutions to global enterprises and supports them in their global brand expansion journeys.

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