March 27, 2023

“Packaging is not just a container, it’s part of the product itself.” – Martin Kornbeck.

Are you a bakery owner or just planning to commence a bakery shop in the town? You must know that marketing has become challenging. If you want to cope with it, you must go with custom cake boxes with the quality of your cakes.

Have you ever focused on viral content? What kind of content gains fame in the market? The content is unique compared to the information and content previously available.

In the same way, it is your packaging that customers perceive before testing or buying your product. Letting him feel different and special, will trigger his impulse buying. 

When paying extra attention to every detail of the product, how could you leave it without the packaging that it deserves? Create a unique design and packaging for your product to make your brand memorable.

Custom cake boxes can be an effective marketing strategy:

Whenever a cake is baked it has an entirely different, surprising, and joyful story behind it. If cake depicts a different exciting story, then why not its packaging?

Every cake has a complete strategy from order to baking, decoration to packaging. Give your cakes a twist of custom cake packaging and let people understand the message that you want to deliver them. Also, make it a part of your marketing strategy.

Material Selection:

While considering sizes, it is also necessary to focus on the weight and material of the boxes. The most common materials used in custom design cake boxes include:

Cardboard:  It is popular in the printing industry because it is sturdy and budget-friendly. Also, you can customize them using various colors, designs, and coating options.

Paperboard: Paperboard is famous for its lightweight and eco-friendly nature. They are considered best for small cake boxes or cupcakes.

Rigid boxes: Rigid boxes are durable and robust. They save the product from shocks during shipping. Thus, it is excellent for heavy cakes that must be transported across great distances.

Also, customization adds charm and attraction to their appearance. 

Kraft boxes: These are made from recycled paper material and are a popular choice for eco-friendly packaging. Give a natural and organic aesthetic touch to every business. Although not very sturdy, they are still strong enough to hold standard-size cakes.

Corrugated boxes: Also known as premium boxes are made from two layers of cardboard with a layer of fluting in between. They are perfect for branded cake boxes because they provide extra strength and durability to your custom packaging boxes.

Custom Size Cake Boxes:

Cake can be small or large, a cupcake or a birthday, wedding, or anniversary cake. It can be ordered according to events. 

When there are too many events, why use the same-size cake boxes every time? Customization regarding the sizes of cakes adds professionalism to your brand. Custom-size cake boxes ensure that your products are presented in the best possible way.

Custom-Made Cake Boxes:

Custom-made cake boxes are designed to meet the specific needs and tastes of the customer. Whether you need a unique shape or a specific color, you can create a custom-made cake box that reflects your brand’s personality. Choosing a unique design can differentiate your products from the competition and create a great customer experience.

Branded Cake Boxes:

Branded cakes or premium cakes are a great way to showcase your brand image. Also, many companies order these cakes for the special events of their offices. They usually ask to design their logo on the cake for the branding.

That’s why it requires special kinds of packaging boxes, you can opt for collapsible rigid boxes with magnetic closure for such branded and royal packaging.

In this way, you will deliver a premium unboxing experience. Also, it will add credibility and professionalism to your brand.

Printed cake boxes:

Either you are a new business venture or you have already earned a great name in the market. It is always recommended to have printed packaging for custom-printed boxes. Because it is really necessary to promote your business with every bakery item you are selling.

In the same way, you can order custom window display boxes or die-cut boxes to make your brand memorable. You can showcase your product uniquely and differently. Opt to foil, embossing, or debossing options to deliver your brand’s message to your potential customers. 

Also, using the latest printed techniques for custom cake boxes stand out your brand from the crowd. Create a design that depicts your brand and increases customer retention rate. 

Unique Cake Boxes:

As the name implies, these boxes are not available in the market like stock boxes. They could be functional boxes, like your customers have to open them in a different way and they start to enjoy your packaging.

Likewise, you can select the die-cut option to give it the shape of a macron or cookie, and the same thing will be placed inside. Or it could be in the form of a cottage, and on opening it the user experiences a new thing and finds your packaging unique. Unique cake boxes also provide an opportunity to showcase your creativity and craftsmanship.


Let’s sum it up, it’s true that the quality of the product matters, but what if there is no one to buy your product?

That’s why promotion is a vital element of packaging and you have to make sure that you get the chance to display your brand’s logo and name multiple times to the customer’s eye. In this way, you can create brand identity in the minds of your customers.

This is why people are paying hefty amounts to billboards to promote their products. 

That’s why Custom cake boxes are considered a top-notch marketing and advertising strategy to ensure the end-user experience. Eventually, it will increase sales and you will earn more revenue.

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