March 23, 2023

Get ready to spice up your summer with an all-in-one Dubai holidays package that will have you living the high life! From thrilling adventures to luxurious accommodations, get ready for a vacation like no other. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break or seeking adventure, Dubai has it all! With our customized packages, explore this dynamic city and experience its vibrant culture while enjoying world-class amenities. This blog post will discuss what to do during the Dubai holidays and the activities for kids in Dubai. So, just dive in..!

What is Included in the All In One Dubai Holidays Package?

When planning your Dubai holidays, remember the all-inclusive package! This bundle includes flights, accommodation, and all the extras you need to have a great time. The package includes the following:

1. Flights

2.    Accommodation

3.    All transportation

4.    Most meals

5.    Local drinks

6.    Entertainment

7.    Activities

Things to do in Dubai during this summer

If you want a break from the heat, Dubai holidays has plenty of things to do. From exploring the city’s amazing shopping malls to basking in the sun on one of Dubai’s many beaches, there is something for everyone during this hot season.

Some great places to explore while in Dubai during summer include The Jebel Ali Free Zone, which offers an array of shopping opportunities, and Jumeirah Beach Park, which is home to a wide range of activities, including swimming, sunbathing and dining out. If you want to stay cool during the day, head to The Dubai Mall or get lost in the streets of Burj Khalifa or Deira.

No matter what you’re looking for in terms of activities or relaxation, there will surely be something for you in Dubai holidays during summer. Pack your sunscreen and enjoy fun in one of the world’s most vibrant cities!

Activities for kids in Dubai during the summer

Summer in Dubai is a time for fun and relaxation. For kids, this means plenty of outdoor activities to keep them entertained. Here are some ideas to get your children busy during the summer in Dubai:

• Go swimming at one of the city’s many attractions, such as the Atlantis, The Palm Resort and Spa or the Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

• Bike around town or take a scenic ride on a camel ride.

• Explore one of the city’s many parks, such as Dubai Safari Park or Marine World Abu Dhabi.

• Play at one of the city’s many amusement parks, such as Wacky World Adventure Park or KidsCity.

• Attend one of the city’s numerous festivals, such as the Fruits Festival or Summer Carnival.

Weather conditions in Dubai Holidays during summer

This summer, it’s hot and humid everywhere. That being said, there are still several places to visit in Dubai that offer different weather conditions.

The best place to enjoy warm weather is probably Dubai Marina, where temperatures can soar up to 45 degrees Celsius during the day. If you’re looking for a more pleasant environment, head to Jumeirah Beach which can reach 26 degrees Celsius at night.

Abu Dhabi also has its climate, with temperatures reaching highs of 35 degrees Celsius during the day and lows of 10 degrees Celsius at night. Downtown Dubai has a moderate temperature range with highs around 32-34 degrees Celsius and lows around 24-26 degrees Celsius during the day. If you visit any of these destinations this summer, you’ll want to pack some sunscreen and sunglasses!

Recommended hotels in Dubai for summers

Dubai is a city that never sleeps, and during the summer months, it becomes even more lively with tourists and locals alike. With so much to see, where should you stay? Here are some of our favourite hotels in Dubai holidays for summer:

The Hyatt Regency Dubai Resort & Spa

This luxury hotel offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf from its infinity pool and golf course. You can also indulge in tennis, golf, swimming, biking, kayaking and more.

The Hyatt Regency Dubai Marina

This beachfront property has 520 luxurious guestrooms, including suites with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and Burj al Arab. There’s also an outdoor pool and numerous restaurants on-site.

The Intercontinental Deira

With sleek contemporary architecture, this 5-star hotel offers stylish rooms with all modern amenities such as Wi-Fi access and LCD TVs. The on-site spa provides treatments like massages, facials and body scrubs.

What is the Cost of the Dubai Holidays Package?

Suppose you are looking for a summer break that will give you everything you need and more, look no further than the Dubai holidays package. With all-inclusive packages, you can enjoy everything Dubai offers without worrying about a single bill. The Dubai holidays package has everything from entertainment and relaxation to shopping and dining!

When researching a Dubai holiday package, it’s important to consider the time you’ll spend in the city and what activities you’ll want to participate in. Some popular package types include beachfront vacations, all-inclusive resorts, and city breaks focused on shopping or sightseeing. Once you know what you’re looking for, use our cost calculator tool to get an estimated price range for your chosen package type.

The cost of the package varies depending on the duration of your stay, but on average, it runs around $1,000 per person. It includes flights, accommodation, all meals and drinks, taxes, and service fees. If you want an ultimate summer getaway, the Dubai holidays package is worth considering!

Dubai holidays


Looking for a summer getaway that will have you feeling pampered and relaxed? Look only as far as our all-in-one Dubai holidays package. From stunning villas in the most tranquil corners of Dubai to energetic theme parks, we have everything you need to make your stay unforgettable. This Zippy Holidays guide includes everything you need to enjoy a relaxing holiday – from flights to accommodation, activities, and more. So whether you’re planning on spending your summer days by the pool or exploring some of Dubai’s famed attractions, our packages have you covered. So what are you waiting for? Book your dream holiday today!

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