March 27, 2023

Dreaming about a trip and saving money for it, it is hard to imagine that at the stage of preparation, and even during the trip itself, financial troubles do not end! The fear of facing unexpected expenses and not fitting into the budget is easily prevented by mastering the basics of financial literacy. Read this article to learn how not to overpay where you can save.

Directions and vehicles

You can save time and see more by renting a car. For long trips, hiring a vehicle can be cheaper than traveling by public transport and air travel. Carefully approach the choice of car. Look for affordable options in advance and avoid tourist seasons. For example, when comparing rent a car Atlanta offers, pay attention to the off-season – from January to March. Consider all fees and commissions, and figure out how to save money on car rental Atlanta under 25.
Start planning at the stage of choosing the direction of the trip. Instead of constantly being on the road and in a hurry to survey the main sights, narrow down the territory of your movements. This will allow you to experience the area and feel the culture. In addition, you will avoid unnecessary travel expenses without saving on the saturation of the trip. You will be surprised how much you can save by visiting unpopular but no less beautiful sights.

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Save on accommodation

While planning a long trip to a big city, consider living in the suburbs. The farther you are from the city center, the less you have to pay for housing. For example, when planning a visit to Atlanta, prefer the modest Stockbridge to the luxurious Buckhead. With Atlanta car rentals, distance doesn’t matter anymore – you can still explore the city and surroundings. This way, you save money for cultural events without spending a significant part of the budget on accommodation.
Prefer hostels over hotels if you don’t mind sharing space with other travelers. Many hostels have private rooms if comfort is important to you. At the same time, the cost of such a room will be an order of magnitude lower than in a hotel. Consider living with locals in their houses as guests. Look for this opportunity on local websites. This is a chance to get a unique experience, immerse yourself in culture and save money!

Plan your leisure time

Carefully plan your leisure time on a trip, focusing on your preferences. Make a list of the places you are going to visit and calculate how much money you will leave there. Leisure is an important component of travel; it is better not to save on it. Be prepared to spend, and set aside a separate column in the budget for attractions. Try to take funds with a margin – no one is immune from unforeseen circumstances.
Sometimes your view of things may change upon arrival at your destination. A museum lover can be captivated by the beauty of the local nature, and a culinary lover can be tempted by rowing. If your budget is limited, this is not a reason to spend the entire trip within four walls. Explore historic sights, picturesque parks, and gardens. Look for free entry festivals or go camping.

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Is it possible to save money on food?

Good nutrition contributes to well-being and mood on a trip. However, this does not mean the time has come for daily restaurant visits. Cozy hostels often have inexpensive cafes with simple foods to have breakfast before the tour. Indulge in street food at brick-and-mortar outlets, an opportunity to diversify your gastronomic experience without spending a lot. Take snacks on your trip to avoid unnecessary stops and expenses:

  • crispbread and biscuits.
  • nuts and dried fruits.
  • apples.
  • carrot sticks.
  • enough water.

If you still want to dine at a good place, chat with other travelers and read blogs to find unpopular but good restaurants. So you do not overpay in tourist places and diversify your leisure time.

Little tricks

Take advantage of discounts and privileges to save on travel. You can collect a sufficient amount and wait for a last-minute tour, traveling at half price. Not everyone likes this spontaneity, so better is planning and delving into the details. Feel free to ask about discounts, as some are unprofitable to advertise.
If you belong to preferential categories, take advantage of this by buying tickets or renting a vehicle cheaper. For example, when heading to Atlanta, search for the budget Atlanta under 25 rental options before your trip and compare student discounts with spending on a young driver fee. Don’t fall for the hype of extras – you have a plan with everything you need and no additional costs.


Choose your destination thoughtfully and make a clear travel plan to minimize travel expenses. Do not give in to impulsive desires and seductive shop windows. Try to get the most out of inexpensive leisure options and plan for a daily spending limit.

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