June 3, 2023
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Are you booking a horseback riding tour for the first time?

The first time riding a horse can be both thrilling and frightening. You might be scared or feel it will be easy; either way, you’re in for the ride of your life.

In Utah, riding can be described as a sport. It requires coordination, balance, and is physically demanding. However, that’s one of the best things about riding horses. And although it can be intense, it is well worth the hardships.

If you’re a beginner, this guide will help you get in the saddle and stay there.

Horseback Riding Safety Tips

While you should be as relaxed as possible when you take your first ride, there are safety rules that you must follow.

A horseback riding tour in Utah can be one of the greatest things you can experience in the world, but horses are tall, heavy, and afraid of things like plastic bags. Thus, here are some tips to keep you as safe as possible.

  1. Helmets Cannot Be Negotiable

Before your tour, ensure you have a properly fitting horse riding helmet. In the unlikely event of an unplanned dismount, a helmet can save your life. And if you plan to continue riding horses, you’ll need to understand the frequency of replacing your horseback riding helmet.

  1. Be Alert 

Riding is a lot of fun, so it’s easy for people to get distracted while learning. However, it would be best to remember that this is a living, breathing animal that can behave unpredictably. 

As you get better at horse talk, you will be able to understand horses better. Until then, stay aware; you will feel happier, and your body will thank you.

  1. Keep Your Feet Safe 

Proper boots are essential. While you don’t have to buy new boots for your first ride, it’s a good idea to invest in riding boots if you want to continue riding.

Riding boots are specially made for this sport and will protect your feet.

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How to Ride a Horse Step by Step

It can be difficult to learn how to ride a horse. This is because so many technical things go into riding well. However, riders of all ages can learn to ride a horse by breaking down each component into small steps.

Step One: How To Get On A Horse

Horses are tall, which is one of their greatest assets. But how do you get on there? With a little practice, mounting a horse can be easy.

  1. As you get on, have someone hold your horse.
  2. Always check your girth! If the saddle is not tight enough, it can “roll” as you attempt to climb on.
  3. Make sure to stand on the horse’s left side. In this business, it’s customary to work from this side of the horse.
  4. Keep the reins loosely in your left hand. You’ll need to have your reins ready to go when you are trying to steer your horse.
  5. Place your left foot in the stirrup.
  6. Place your weight on your left leg and “step up” until you are in a standing position.
  7. Swing your right leg up and over the horse, careful not to accidentally kick them.
  8. As gently as you can, sit down in the saddle.
  9. Adjust your stirrups (or have the instructor do so)
  10. Put your right foot in the other stirrup.
  11. And you did it!

Instead of raising your foot into the stirrup, you may also use a mounting block. This wooden or plastic stepping stool is designed to bring you directly up to the level of the stirrup, making it easier to get on.

White horse

Step Two: How to Stop a Horse

No matter how much you enjoy your first ride in Utah, you must stop your horse at some point. Remember, you will slow down and then stop. While riding, there shouldn’t be any “slamming the brakes.” Also, trying to stop your horse abruptly can end up hurting you, so try not to do that.

  1. You must first ensure that your balance is good.
  2. Place your weight on the seat.
  3. Lean back a bit, and make your legs firm.
  4. It’s okay to hold on to the saddle or the front of it.
  5. Let your horse know that you want to slow down by saying “whoa” in a normal voice. You don’t have to shout.
  6. Pull on the reins gently. Keep in mind that the bit is in their mouths and sensitive! You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure.
  7. As a reward, give your horse a good pat and release the reins once stopped.

Step Three: How to Dismount a Horse

At the end of your horseback riding tour, you’ll need to get off the horse. And you must ensure that your horse does not move as you dismount.

  1. Make sure your horse is stopped completely.
  2. You should ensure that you hold the reins tightly but do not pull on the horse’s mouth.
  3. Get your feet out of the stirrups, and lean forward.
  4. Your right leg should be raised and crossed over the horse’s back. You must not accidentally kick your horse.
  5. Slide down on the left side of your horse. Always dismount on the left side.
Women riding a brown horse

Other Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners

If you want to make your Utah horseback riding tour enjoyable, here are some other tips to remember.

  • Make sure to sit up straight.
  • Pay attention as you ride.
  • You should ride a well-trained horse that is appropriate for your level of experience.
  • Keep your fingers closed around the reins.
  • Be calm. If you’re relaxed, your horse will be as well.

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