June 7, 2023
Outdoor Subscription Box
Outdoor Subscription Box

There is no doubt about it; outdoor subscription boxes are the rage right now. There is a box for every interest and everyone. These boxes offer flexibility and scalability, especially to those planning trips and excursions, making them necessary. According to recent research, the number of people going for adventures with outdoor subscription boxes has increased by 40%. 


With outdoor subscription boxes, people on adventure will have an easy time since all the necessary tools, supplies, and assets will be readily available. The variety of outdoor subscription boxes has made it difficult for people to identify the right ones for adventure. This blog post will share the five best outdoor subscription boxes to give you an authentic experience. 

1. Crate Club 

Crate Club is the ultimate quarterly tactical, military, EDC, and survival gear subscription. Its tools are always hand-selected and field tested. This outdoorsman subscription box is the pinnacle of your survival stockpile, from high-quality outdoor gear to first aid kits. 

Whether you are just starting your adventure preparations or are a seasoned veteran, you can count on this subscription box. Each box has a range of items, such as tactical backpacks, self-defense gear, medical supplies, bulletproof bag inserts, outdoor gear, wilderness survival tools, camping equipment, and EDC equipment. 

2. Timber Edge Outdoors 

Outdoor Subscription Box

You will love the Timber Edge Outdoors subscription box if you love outdoor pursuits. Every package contains 4 to 6 high-quality items from different vendors across the United States. According to reviewers, most Timber Edge Outdoors components are things they would struggle to find but are helpful for outdoor living.  

One unique feature of this subscription box is they focus on the current season. The subscription box includes edible camp treats, clothing items, survival gear, and hunting accessories. During the signup, you will always be asked for your glove and short size to ensure the items fit you well. Apart from encouraging outdoor exploration, these outdoor subscription boxes also teach outdoor survival skills. Every box has a new theme making it an excellent outdoor subscription box for learning essential life skills.  

Timber Edge Outdoors costs $40 monthly and ships on the 7th of every month. The subscription renews by itself. You can always choose whether to receive it every month or after every three months. There is also an option of sending it as a gift to someone else. You can pause or cancel the subscription at any time.  

3. Alpha Outpost Subscription Boxes 

Subscription Box

Alpha outpost subscription boxes focus on providing its members with gear to help in exploring new places and learning new skills. New members will receive a free knife, a t-shirt, and a box. Membership payment is processed on the 3rd of every month. You can skip whenever you like, but you must remain a member for at least three months. Canceling your membership before three months collapse will force you to pay a cancellation fee. 

Several boxes come with an Alpha outpost subscription box. There is a trail box that has trekking poles with different attachments for dirt, snow, and rock use. Also a water bottle, waist pack, and a take-a-hike trail patch is there. There is also a hideout box with a portable roll-up blanket, pop-up A-frame tent, inflatable camp pillow, hideout top card, and a hideout patch.  

4. Nomadik Outdoor Subscription Boxes 

You have most likely seen Nomadik outdoor subscription box ads if you follow backpacking or hiking content on Instagram. These subscription boxes contain innovative and new camping, hiking, and kayaking products. Each box has a value of more than $50, with the gear customized according to your preferences. 

Nomadik subscription boxes have monthly challenges that will give you extra motivation to enable you to get out for a new adventure. If the package is outside your budget, you can skip any month and only pay for what you want. You can also cancel anytime you wish without paying a cancellation fee. 

The previous Nomadik subscription boxes came with various gear, such as small backpacks, compression sacks, and utility pouches. Also include water bottles, hydration mixes, hammocks, snacks, and multitools. 

5. The Camp Life 

A person picking box

The camp life subscription boxes are shipped quarterly, and you can always make a prepayment for one, two, or four quarters. The subscription will always renew unless you send the box as a one-off gift. You can cancel your subscription anytime without having to pay cancellation fees. 

Camp Life subscription boxes have been undergoing lots of changes over the years. One of the changes this season was that it did not arrive in any package. It came in a large brown mailer with all the items, a welcome change. Reduction in disposable waste is also a significant change. One great feature of camp life is that there is a seasonal theme for camping gear. 


It does not matter if you are a hunter, hiker, or camper; an outdoor subscription box is an excellent product that will help keep your passion alive while discovering new techniques and gears. The subscription boxes are delivered to your door monthly or quarterly, packed with high-quality, well-tailored items to meet your interests and experience levels. You can be sure of having a great adventure with any of these outdoor subscription boxes.

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