June 5, 2023

Luxury watches are more than just a fashionable accessory today. Investors have expanded their portfolio of assets by acquiring some of the most valuable timepieces in the world. The United Arab Emirates has become a favorable destination for watch enthusiasts. While there are plenty of premium watch options available in the UAE retail market, the pre-owned market is gaining tremendous traction. In this article, we take a closer look at the benefits of buying pre-owned luxury watches in Dubai. 

Top 6 benefits of buying pre-owned luxury watches in Dubai

High-end watches are the ultimate expression of sophistication and style. Buying pre-owned luxury watches in Dubai can enable you numerous benefits. From rarity to time saving, investing in pre-owned luxury watches has several advantages for collectors while broadening their watch collection. 

To help you understand the merits of investing in pre-owned luxury watches, check out the 6 aspects mentioned below: 

  • Time saving 
  • Rare and exclusive watches
  • Authenticity of watches
  • Wide selection of models 
  • Investment value of watches
  • Cost saving 
Luxury watches in Dubai

Time saving 

If you decide to buy a luxury watch from the retail market, you must be prepared for the elaborate waiting time. Most high-end watchmakers have a specific waiting period for varied models of their watches. For instance, let’s take the Rolex GMT Master II as an example. 

Buying a brand new Rolex GMT Master II watch will require a waiting period of up to 5 years. Therefore, for investors who are not willing to wait for such an elaborate time period, the pre-owned market is a great opportunity to buy. 

All you need to do is to approach a well-known pre-owned watch dealer, pick the watch you like, complete the purchasing formalities, and the watch is yours. This is how simple and time saving it is to pick up a luxury watch from a pre-owned watch dealer in Dubai. 

Rare and exclusive watches

In the pre-owned luxury watch business, rare and exclusive watches fetch a higher resale value. This is due to the economic phenomenon, shortage of supply and increase in demand creates a rise in value. Many renowned watchmakers take this advantage and produce limited units of their watches. 

For example, brands like Hublot, Richard Mille and Jacob & Co. are known to produce a limited number of watches every year. Therefore, each of these watches are sold for several thousands going up to a million dirhams or more. 

Hence, if a particular watch is sold out in the retail market, you are likely to find it in the UAE secondary watch market. The ability to find rare and exclusive watches is one of the major benefits of buying pre-owned luxury watches in Dubai. 

Authenticity of watches

Another notable benefit of buying premium watches from the pre-owned market is that you can be assured of its authenticity. We totally agree with the fact that the watches purchased from an authorized retailer are 100% authentic. 

Having said that, the same assurance can be delivered by a well-known pre-owned watch dealer. This is possible because reputed dealers follow a stringent verification process before acquiring used or unworn watches. Original boxes and papers related to the watches are acquired, followed by a quality authentication process. 

All of these are undertaken to ensure that customers are provided original and genuine watches, rather than selling counterfeit watches. Deceiving the customers is strictly prohibited and punishable by UAE law. 

Hence, pre-owned watch dealers in the region do not indulge in any such illicit activities to avoid the scrutiny of the law. So you can be assured that the watches you buy from the pre-owned market in Dubai are authentic. 

Wide selection of models 

The pre-owned luxury watch market in Dubai, is somewhat of a wonderland for watch enthusiasts. The reason we say so is due to the expansive selection of watch brands and models available in the market. 

Whether you are looking for vintage timepieces or the latest models of watches, the secondary market for luxury watches never disappoints. Based on your investment budget and the type of watch you prefer, the options available are plenty. 

Therefore, you have the absolute flexibility to choose the watch model, iteration and price range you prefer to buy your watch. This is one of the benefits of buying used watches in Dubai. 

Investment value of luxury watches

Most collectors buy luxury watches with the intention of selling them for a profit. Therefore, the idea is to pick up a luxury watch at a competitive price to ensure maximum resale margin. This is why collectors pick up watches from the pre-owned market rather than the retail sector. 

Luxury watches have become a great way for investors to expand their investment streams. While the real estate and stock market has always thrived, premium watches from high-end brands have taken over. 

If you are looking for lucrative benefits from the most valuable watches in the world, consider buying pre-owned luxury watches in Dubai.

Cost saving

Lastly, we come to another essential reason for which collectors prefer the pre-owned market over the retail watch market. Price of watches in the pre-owned market varies vastly. While some models appreciate in value some dip slightly from the retail prices. Therefore, if you are looking for watches at a slightly lower price as compared to the retail sector, pre-owned options are the right way to go about. 

Pre-owned luxury watches in Dubai: A sensible investment option

We have discussed all the important reasons above, elaborating the benefits of buying luxury watches in Dubai. Opting for this lucrative market in the UAE is an excellent opportunity for new and upcoming watch investors. From finding the rarest watches to obtaining them at competitive prices, the benefits of buying pre-owned watches are simply undeniable.  

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