June 7, 2023
car tracking system

According to Grand View Research, the global car tracking system market size stood at
USD 19.38 billion in 2021. Findings from the same research body indicate that the industry
may witness a tremendous compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9% from 2022 to

Vehicle theft recovery remains the leading reason car owners and motorists prefer to have
their automobiles installed with GPS trackers. A significant percentage also cite driver and
passenger safety as the driving factor behind installing GPS tracking devices in their vehicles.

Now, GPS car trackers do not operate in isolation. Instead, these devices work in conjunction with
special applications to clue drivers, car owners, or fleet managers in on the position of their
vehicles at specific periods.

This post focuses on what a car tracking application is and how it can keep you safe. But first
things first.

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What Is A GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is a tracking device using the GPS or global positioning system. The GPS is a
sophisticated tracking system powered by a worldwide radio navigation network of at least
24 fully-operational satellites that constantly orbit the Earth.

GPS trackers are probably most famous for their widespread application in the automotive
and transport industries. However, you can use the devices to monitor the position and
navigation of any object. These include airplanes, ships, drones, animals, and other
valuables like laptops and smartphones.

As already mentioned, GPS car tracking is big business. Hence, purchasing car tracker packages offered
by leading vehicle tracking and management software like RAM Tracking is a smart way to
be in control of your automobile at all times.

What Is A Car Tracking App?

A car tracking app is software that integrates seamlessly with GPS car trackers. The primary
function of these applications is to collate and interpret the information transmitted by GPS
trackers. They provide real-time reports, allowing vehicle owners and drivers to take timely
actions to avert potential danger.

Moreover, in the case of theft, a car tracking application will be resourceful in transmitting the signals
directly from the GPS device installed in a vehicle. This can go a long way in helping
authorities pinpoint the automobile’s exact location for swift extraction and recovery.

GPS tracking

How Do Car Tracking Applications Work?

To understand how a car tracking app works, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the
operation of GPS trackers.

GPS tracking devices receive signals from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
networks spread across the medium earth orbit. Next, in-built receivers process the GNSS signals
to pinpoint a vehicle’s exact location using a technology called trilateration.

The device then transmits the received data to a smartphone or computer via the cellular
network. It’s here that the tracking application comes in.

Note that almost all GPS tracking devices come with mobile or desktop software. This means the
application provides the actual interface where all the collected reports pertaining a
vehicle’s movement and location are displayed.

To use the tracking application, you’ll begin by signing in using your credentials. Once logged
in, click on the map and then press the “Locate” button.” This command prompts the
software to auto-sync with the GPS receivers for seamless communication on a vehicle’s

After establishing your car’s location, the app will proceed to track other parameters,

  • Navigation history
  • Trip mileage and fuel consumption
  • Driving speeds
  • Distance to destination
  • Sunrise/sunset time

How Might A Car Tracking App Keep You Safe & Secure?

Using a car tracking application is a proactive way to stay safe on the roads. As already
indicated, these apps will help you work out the position of your vehicle in real time. You
can then determine whether it’s a safe spot to hang around or not.

This feature is particularly beneficial for road trippers. As a tourist, you never know where
your wanderlust spirit may take you. In your quest to take in the sights, you could
unexpectedly find yourself driving through the world’s most dangerous cities or exploring
turfs overrun by militia and fundamentalist groups. Having some clue about the area’s
general security situation can go a long way in keeping you safe from danger.

For instance, the mere knowledge that you’re driving through a crime-prone city is enough
warning not to make stopovers. Despite how scenic the town may be, you’ll want to drive
through as fast as you can.

man tracking his location from car

It’s also worth noting that some GPS tracking systems have a dedicated SOS button that
drivers can quickly press whenever they’re stranded and require immediate assistance.

The alert button is typically found at the front center of the tracking device. To send out an
emergency alert, you simply press and hold down the SOS button for about three seconds or
until the green LED flashes, prompting the tracker to vibrate. You can then contact your
emergency caregivers even if you’re unable to access your smartphone.

The SOS button is invaluable when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere but with your
phone out of reach. Perhaps you strayed too far from your campsite and forgot your
smartphone in the tent! Or you’ve just been in a severe accident, and your priority is
locating emergency caregivers.

But car tracking applications aren’t only meant to guarantee human safety. These software
may also safeguard your vehicle’s security.

Other Smart Features That Enhance Safety

Note that most GPS auto-tracking devices come with built-in accelerometers, which alert car
owners or fleet managers to poor driving habits. Using a car tracking app, you can remotely
detect aspects like speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and harsh cornering.

Some software implement powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to provide deeper insights into
aberrant driving behaviors, including distracted driving, red-light violations, and tailgating.
You can then use this data to proactively warn the driver and protect them as well as your
vehicle from danger.

The fact that car tracking apps provide real-time access to your vehicle’s position makes
them all the more useful. Hence, provided your smartphone is powered on and has access to stable
internet, you can remotely pinpoint the car’s exact location and take the necessary actions
to forestall danger.

man looking at gps


Car tracking software is an invaluable asset for any car owner, driver, or fleet manager.
Among the many benefits of these innovative applications is the ability to detect the danger
early enough and act swiftly to avoid them.
So, if you’re considering purchasing an automobile, you’d do well to spare a thought for a
GPS tracker. Most importantly, you’d want to choose reliable software that provides robust
syncing capabilities with the tracking device to ensure you’re always in the loop on your
vehicle’s location.

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