June 5, 2023
flight ticket cancelled

With improved technology, booking and canceling your flight ticket online is now possible.
Similarly, you can easily apply for a refund on the same platform. However, unforeseen issues
may force you to cancel your flight. The airline may also cancel your ticket or experience an
unexpected delay. But the most challenging part is to know how to get a full refund for your
canceled ticket. Luckily, the majority of airlines give full refunds to canceled refunds.
Therefore, it is advisable to understand the terms and policies regarding ticket cancellation and
refund process before booking a flight. This will save you a great deal when you experience
unexpected ticket cancellation.
The following article will provide a comprehensive guide to getting a full refund on a canceled
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Methods Used By Airlines to Refund Canceled Flights

Airlines can use two main approaches to refund your canceled tickets fully:

E-Credit Voucher

An e-credit voucher is a note from the airline due to a changed or canceled flight. You can use
the credited amount to book another flight from the same airline. The airline provides you with
an e-credit voucher as compensation instead of refunding the money. However, most e-credit
vouchers have an expiration date. Therefore, you should check its validity period to ensure the
expiry date is on time.

E-credit vouchers are common with united plane tickets refund. When booking your next flight,
you should select an option to pay with an e-credit voucher on the payment page. You will only
enter the code on the voucher, and the amount will be automatically credited.

Cash Refund

A cash refund is where the airline refunds the amount you paid for the ticket directly to your
account. The airline can also deduct the convenience fee before disbursing your money. Some
airlines also have specific policies regarding cash refunds.

When are You Entitled to A Refund on a Flight Ticket?

Significant Delay/Change

You’re entitled to a full refund if the airline has a scheduled change or significant delay and you
choose not to travel when they reschedule the flight. In the case of uncertainty, however, some
factors, such as delay duration and your reason not to travel, may determine whether you will
receive a refund.

Class of Service Changes

You’re entitled to a flight ticket refund if the airline involuntarily moves you to a lower-class
service. For Instance, if you had booked a first-class ticket, then due to an aircraft swap, you
were moved to economy class, you have a right to request a refund.

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Optional Service Fees

You’re entitled to a refund for fees paid for services such as seat upgrades, baggage fees, or in-
flight Wi-Fi. You can only apply for this refund if you cannot use the services due to delay, flight
cancellation, or any other authentic reason.
It’s good to note that if you have paid for optional services that are unavailable or do not work,
you must inform the airline attendants before claiming a refund.

Baggage Fees

You’re eligible for a refund if you paid a baggage fee and your baggage is lost. Airlines have
different policies or criteria to determine lost baggage. Some may take between five days to two
weeks to officially declare a lost bag.

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Fully Refundable Ticket

Fully refundable tickets are refundable in case of any inconvenience, such as a change of service
class or ticket cancelation.

Here is The Process to Get a Refund on A Canceled Ticket

  1. File A Complaint With the Airline

After Canceling or your ticket is canceled, you should file a complaint immediately with the
airline. You can either use snail mail or on their website. The website is ideal for this, as it is
faster and provides a better way to express yourself. You can also call the airline directly if you
can access their website. When filing a complaint, specify a reason for flight cancellation and the
ticket type.

  1. Provide Your Passenger Name Record

A passenger name record is essential as it helps the airline quickly access your basic information.
Therefore, you should provide the correct details when filing your complaint. You can also
provide other information, such as ticket code and type.

  1. Make a Refund Request

One common mistake most people make is failing to make a refund request. They just filed a
complaint and failed to request a refund for a canceled ticket. Therefore, ensure you request a
refund specifying issues such as a method of payment and the amount you spent on the ticket.

  1. Acknowledgment and Processing Of Your Request

The airline is supposed to acknowledge receiving your request and provide immediate feedback.
If the request is accepted, the airline should start processing the refund immediately. Though
airlines have varying terms for processing refund requests, most take about 60 days to process
your request. You can always learn these policies from their websites.

  1. Disbursement

After the airline has gone through your request, approved, and processed it, you will receive your
refund through the mode of payment you selected. The airline can also issue an e-credit voucher
as compensation. However, before disbursement, you may be required to pay a convenience fee.

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What Should You Do If The Airline Fail To Refund Your Canceled Flight Ticket?

An airline cannot refund you and cancel a flight even after filing a valid complaint. In such a
case, you should report to relevant authorities, such as the Department of Transport (DOT). The
authority will then analyze your report and complaint and check for any violation before
forwarding it to the attorney.
A comprehensive analysis by the two will then be sent to you. However, the timeline for this
the process is not defined as it is subject to the number of similar cases.

Wrapping Up

If your flight is canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, you don’t have to worry about the
money you paid for your ticket. You can always claim a refund.
Most airlines will give you a full refund if you present your case well, while others can provide
you with an e-credit voucher of equal value that you can use to book another flight from the
same airline. However, it is worth noting that e-credit vouchers have an expiry date, so consider
every possibility.

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