June 5, 2023
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Businesses today are coming up with ingenious strategies to stay ahead of the competition. For marketing, one new channel that is a wealth of opportunities for businesses to acquire a loyal customer base is the Internet. Everyone is on the internet when traveling to work, school, or the market. Given how much media people consume online, it would be foolish not to capitalize on it.  Blogger outreach, also known as influencer marketing, is where businesses engage bloggers to do their marketing.

How do they do so, and why are so many companies doing blogger outreach today? Let’s find out. 

blogger outreach

What is blogger outreach? 

Blogger outreach is a communication process where businesses contact bloggers with their products or content. The purpose of blogger outreach can depend on the business. For instance, blogger reacher is done for guest posting, building backlinks or content marketing, building relations with influencers, improving brand awareness to target more customers, or getting more partnerships. 

Generally, blogger outreach is done in-house by the marketing team of businesses. However, start-ups should approach a blogger outreach service provider for assistance. They provide specialized services and are more likely to achieve the required results. 

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Why is it necessary for businesses? 

For a business with minimal funds and just starting, there arises a question, is blogger outreach even important? With so many other online marketing strategies, is it worth investing in blogger outreach?  

Yes. Blogger outreach brings in customers and improves brand awareness. Here are some more of its benefits. 

Target the right audience 

Rule number one of marketing products or services is targeting a specific group. This demographic would be the ideal customers for the business and product.  

For example, a candy business must target a blog or influencer that makes content for a younger audience. Most marketing tactics are not designed for specific customers. This is not the case in blogger outreach which will allow businesses to reach only a specific group of people.  

Making sure the right people are reading about the product will, in turn, generate interest in the brand. 

Improve brand visibility 

Brand visibility, in simple terms, measures how much a brand is being seen compared to its competitors and the industry. It is the frequency at which a brand’s products are shown on different marketing channels like search engines and social media. In today’s time, where everyone is online, the digital audience must know about a brand.  

Targeting the internet through social media, one of the most significant traffic-generating sources helps. Bloggers will begin creating a reputation for their brand in the marketplace. 

Build proper backlinks 

Backlinks are links on a website that redirect readers to a part of another website. They are also known as inbound links and are excellent for driving customers directly to a business from a blog. The quantity of clients arriving varies according to the backlinks’ quality. It will also affect the website’s ranking in search engine searches, bringing high-quality traffic.  

The best way to build good backlinks, in quantity, to the website is through blogger outreach. All it takes is contacting high-traffic blogs to link to the business website. 

Access to different platforms 

Having a formidable online presence is a dream for brands but quite challenging. Generally, when businesses start sharing their content, they stick to one or two popular channels or platforms. Blogger outreach helps these businesses get access to more platforms.  

These blogs will help the brands reach platforms that cater to a more niche clientele base. Each of these channels provides immense opportunities to grow and build its reputation. As they gain more visibility, along come new customers. 

Customer trust 

Building customer trust means a loyal customer base that will keep coming back and bring in their friends and family through referrals. This is one advantage that is crucial for newer businesses. Customers might find it hard to trust new brands if the products or services are worth investing money into.  

They will likely trust these products if the proper blogger talks about them. The reader’s interest will be piqued if an influencer refers to daily talks about a new toothbrush. The next time they are in the market, they will pick up the toothbrush because their favorite blogger referred to it. 

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Types of blogger outreach 

With the benefits of blogger outreach discussed and curiosity stirred, the next step is to dive into it. Here comes the next question, what are the different types of blogger outreach? 

Elaborated below are some of the ways to do so. 

  1. Product Reviews  

One of the most popular ways to reach out to influencers is to send out products. In exchange, the blogger will post a video or a product review. Everyone loves to receive free products, but if a blogger loves a product, they will post about it. 

  1. Sponsorship posts 

Another way brands reach out to bloggers is through sponsored posts. For these posts, a certain amount of money must also be paid. State what should be written in the post, like features, where to buy it, and other terms for the agreement beforehand. 

  1. Product placement 

Products mentioned casually in the middle of a movie or video are referred to as product placement. For instance, for a camping video, if the influencer mentions a new brand of hiking shoes they like, it is product placement. Similar to sponsorship posts, a small amount of money is paid for product placements. 


As evident, blogger outreach is a superb way to reach new buyers and increase sales. The brand gets more exposure, and there is a sense of trust among new and existing shoppers. A bit of research on which bloggers to approach and how to do blogger outreach is all it needs to start. Sure, one might stumble along the way, but the end game will be worth it. 

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