June 5, 2023

The garage door is a significant entry point at your home. It serves more than securing your car and tools in there. A broken garage door can pose a danger to your household and property. Always keep it functional. The many components of the door, including the rollers, can wear out with time. Regular inspection, repair, and replacement are vital, especially those moving parts. 

How can you tell if you need to replace those garage door rollers? Answers to this question will help you save significant amounts by avoiding the costly damages caused by a malfunctioning garage door.  

A DIY inspection can inform you when you must take action. But the repair process requires a qualified and certified garage door technician. 

How To Determine If Garage Door Rollers Are Bad? 

If you’re wondering, how do I know if my garage door rollers are bad?,’ begin by checking the garage door rollers or get a quick cleanup done on the tracks. So, what indicates that they are worn out and require immediate attention? 

1. The Door Becomes Noisy During Operation 

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Garage door rollers help the door to slide smoothly despite its weight. When new, you can hardly hear any noise coming from the rollers. The reason is that they are in a perfect circular shape and offer no friction on the tracks. Also, before losing their lube, rollers are satisfactorily quiet. The minimal sound you would hear from a sliding garage door is okay. 

The garage door weight imposes lots of friction on the rollers, causing them to wear off or dry off their lube. In such cases, you will hear noises as the door slides. A moving part sounds like a screech when dry.  

This noise is a sign of poor lubrication that requires immediate attention. The worn rollers would sound like metal objects hitting each other. The dents formed after extended usage cause them to make such awful sounds. 

2. The Door Heavily Vibrates 

Garage doors should not vibrate when opening or closing. When everything runs smoothly, you will hardly feel any force when in operation. Also, it should move up and down with no issues on the tracks. That assumes your technician was careful when installing it, and you have maintained the garage door roller. 

But worn-out rollers can cause vibrations. The notches and dents cause friction on the tracks. As a result, you will feel a bumping sensation as the door runs. The shaking is more prominent when the door moves at high speed.  

It is a warning sign that your rollers need replacement with new ones. In worst-case scenarios, the door would wobble and become unstable. Do not wait until you cannot open or close the garage door. 

3. Misaligned Door 

Misalignment is a sign of either worn-out rollers or malfunctioning springs. You can tell the difference between the two by watching the garage door move up and down. If you have worn rollers, you will notice that only one of the sections is not parallel to the other.  

That can occur when one section is not sliding as required and stays slightly unaligned. 

Rollers age, and they wear off, causing them to get thinner or out of shape. The misalignment is more evident when the door slides. Your technician will advise if the door needs new rollers or spring re-adjustment.  

Also, misalignment can occur due to bent tracks, so you need an expert to assess the problem before doing any repairs. 

4. Door Gets Stuck 

Garage door rollers

Have you ever tried to open your garage door and realised it stops midway? What a dangerous situation! Such instances can happen for many reasons, including failed garage door rollers. Try to close and open it again to see if the problem persists. If it does, you need to contact a professional immediately. 

Worn-out rollers cannot move smoothly on the tracks. The result is that they can get stuck and make it impossible to open or close the garage door. But that happens when the tracks also get damaged and form dents.  

Dust accumulation can also cause such problems. Inspect the situation before contacting the garage door professional. 

5. Rusty and Dirty Rollers 

Garage door rollers contain bearings in their centre that help them to slide smoothly. Their life span depends on the material, usage, and lubrication. A well-maintained garage door roller would last for many years without issues. 

The best indicator of poor maintenance is the rust and grit. It indicates that you have not lubricated the rollers for a long time. Also, water and moisture can cause the lube to wash away. The best way to address this is to clean the dust and apply a new lube. You can also replace your rollers if the corrosion has started to eat away the metal. 

Summing Up 

Garage door rollers make operation smooth, efficient, and safe. People forget to inspect them until they encounter problems. You can tell when yours need replacements if you notice noises, vibrations, misalignment, sticking, and rust.  

Calling a technician immediately if you encounter problems with your garage door will save the situation. But regular inspection is the best way to ensure a safe and smooth operation.

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