June 5, 2023
CRM System

CRM System

The alternative lending industry is an exciting and dynamic space. There are many different types of businesses in this sector and they all have their own unique challenges. One of the most common challenges that we see at Megacity Labs is that many alternative lending businesses don’t have a formalized CRM system in place. This means that their data is not easily accessible and there are often times where it’s difficult for lenders to find certain information about their customers. By implementing a CRM system for your business, you’ll be able to better manage customer relationships and improve sales processes by having access to more timely information about potential clients (such as what products they’re interested in purchasing) as well as current customers’ needs which includes a calculation of the amount of money they need as of now. 

Superb customer service and frictionless communication

Customer service is the lifeline of every businesses, whether it’s a startup, midsized or a large enterprise. However, for the alternative lending business it is everything because the success of your lending business depends on the way you serve your borrowers. When you provide great customer service and a seamless communication, your customers will be more likely to come back and refer their acquiantances to you. With a CRM software in the alternative lending space you can have a 360- degree view of the customer interactions.This way , you can take customer-employee communication to the next level.

If someone needs help regarding something about your brand and they do not get get through on their first call attempt, it creates a negative impact. But keeping a track of the customer interaction can help your agents reply back even if they miss out the call on the first go. This is how you build relationships, which pays off in the long run, which not only gives better sales, but also huger profits consistently.

Data-backed decisions pushes your marketing efforts in the alternative lending buisness

Data is the fuel to your business. Top-notch CRM software like ConvergeHub is utilized to make your marketing strategies and goals, enhanced customer service, and more. By connecting data to various segments of your business, from project management to sales, you will be able to make more informed decisions that will lead you down a path toward success.

Better business insights

Having a CRM software for your alternative lending business helps you with crucial business insights. It’s important to consider the market trends, customers’ needs and other things before you craft a growth marketing and customer acquisition strategy for your business. This way you will be able to save time and money in the long run.

  • In-depth data analysis – CRM software gives you access to better data analysis and it will help people arrive at business decisions that is relevant, effective and up-to the minute. With access to customer information , you get a clear-cut understanding of customer behavior and can adjust your growth strategy as per the needs. This also helps in evaluating whether the current plan is effective or not. 
  • Improved sales performance – CRM software is featured with powerful and effective marketing tools that us thoroughly industry-specific (as opposed to traditional banks). These tools allow users even those who does not have online marketing knowledge that how seamlessly they can create high-value content without any help.

Highly efficient sales and marketing processes

Marketing and sales are quite interrelated and cannot exist exclusively,. And when you have to deal with tracking leads and contacts for both sales and marketing you need to have a clear-cut understanding of the customer data, the interaction of the customers at every level, and seamlessly running and managing marketing campaigns. This way, it’s easier to automate sales processes and managing customer service in the process. 

Streamlined project management

A CRM system can also improve project management at every level. When  there is an all-in-one CRM software project managers will know the status of every transaction and how each employees are communicating with the customers.Your employees and clients will enjoy staying up-to-date about what’s happening in their business and all data can be accessed from a single location.

A CRM system will also help improve internal communication across departments. For example, if a  single department needs information about the  another department’s work or goal to build a common strategy ( mostly in sales and marketing), both of them  will access a single platform for information. Because a single interface brings in the scattered data in one place and help people find out the core information without much hassle. 

Plus points of using CRM system for alternative lending businesses 

As the name suggests, alternative lending industry works way differently from the banks. Their customer base is diverse and honestly the business  depends on  word of mouth in this sector. So managing your customers using just an excel sheet is not always possible. With a CRM things get easier, systematized and absolutely hassle-free. Also, you can  keep a track of what’s going on in terms of customer communication and where  the customer is in his buying journey.

For alternative lending industry , the process does not always  follow the same system as in traditional banking. So,  it’s obvious that a customer needs help at every instance regarding loan processing or anything else.  A good customer support team will be able to provide the information needed by each individual client, but for that they also need to have customer data at their fingertips. With an all-in-one CRM this becomes easier.  

The Takeaway Point

In an alternative lending business, where the business depends on word of mouth, customer relationship maintenance is the prime requirement. We know that it can be a little over whelming at first, but implementing a CRM can eliminate your manual tasks, which otherwise consumes a  lot of time and money. Check out how CRM software helps  taking your alternative lending business  to the next level. Share your thoughts with  us! 

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