June 5, 2023
elk hunting

The elk rutting months are one of the most important seasons for any deer hunter. It’s a perfect occasion to strap up, hit the woods, and put your hunting skills to the test once again.  

One of the best things about hunting elk is that these deer are too large to be elusive. That should ordinarily come as good news. However, elk hunting can prove too challenging if you’re not armed with the right gear.  

But what constitutes the ideal elk hunting gear, you may wonder?  

Well, that question shall be the highlight of this article. Read below for the ten must-have elk hunting accessories for your next adventure

Elk Decoy 

A decoy is another essential component of the best elk hunting gear. And the good news is that there are tons of products to pick from.  

One of the most effective elk decoy ideas is to create a scenario of a cow elk lost or separated from the herd. This illusion will lure the bull elks to come close enough for a clean shot.  

Experts recommend setting up the decoy and then moving forward about 20 – 30 yards toward the herd so they walk past you as they focus entirely on the illusion.  


Success in hunting any game depends mainly on the clothing you wear. That applies to elk hunting too.  

There are two key aspects to consider here.  

First, choose clothing that is comfortable, breathable, and weather-appropriate. You may need to study the prevalent weather in your hunting destinations before hitting the woods. 

And secondly, insist on outfits that provide excellent camouflage. The clothes should help you blend seamlessly into the foliage. 


We cannot discuss the best elk hunting clothes without referring to boots.  

As with clothing, you’ll need to study the weather in your preferred hunting grounds before choosing the best elk hunting boots. But even if the weather is favorable, select boots that provide maximum comfort and traction.  

Durability is another crucial consideration, especially if you’re more frequent than an occasional hunter. 


Bows and firearms are important weaponry you can bring on an elk hunt. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.  

However, firearms are the better choice for long-range shooting. They’re also more concealable.  

The .270 Winchester especially stands out for its flat trajectory and accuracy. The gun is also light enough and is unlikely to add extra baggage even while walking through rough terrain. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re hunting with a bow or rifle. You must pinpoint the prey’s exact location before taking your shot. And that’s where binoculars come in.  

Binoculars like the Vortex Crossfire HD 1400 Rangefinder can provide high-precision distance measurements.  

This allows you to spot and track elk from a considerable distance, giving you an extra edge over the prey. 

Folding Knife 

A folding knife, also known as a jackknife, offers numerous advantages that make it a must-have item in an elk hunter’s accessory. You can use the knife to rip meat, peel fruits, and even set up a tent while hunting.  

Jackknives can also be a handy self-defense tool when you cannot quickly access your firearms.  

Besides their versatility, folding knives sport a sleek and lightweight design. You can easily slip them into your back pockets for quick access.  

First-aid Kit 

Elk hunting can be a dangerous encounter if poorly planned and ill-executed.  

First, there are risks of being gored by these antlered beasts. You also run the risk of being bitten by venomous serpents or a splinter getting lodged deep into your skin. All these are emergencies where a first-aid kit can make a difference in your survival.  

Some of the items the first-aid kit should have include; 

  • Bandages 
  • Gauze 
  • Antiseptic wipes 
  • Tweezers 
  • Prescription drugs like pain relievers and antihistamines 
elk hunting

GPS Tracker 

A GPS tracker can be a reliable ally while elk-hunting. The device will keep you in the loop on your position at different points.  

A tracker is also necessary while elk-hunting with dogs. You can have your canines wear the device to prevent them from getting lost.  

Besides, you can use a GPS device to keep tabs on your backpack and other valuables if you ever get separated from them. 

Safety Whistle 

A safety whistle is one of the most overlooked elk-hunting accessories. But if hunting in a group, it pays to add the item to your packing list.  

A safety whistle helps signal for help when you’ve lost touch with your pack. The loud noise the whistle makes might also help scare off other wild animals, averting potentially dangerous encounters. And depending on how you blow it, a safety whistle can mimic the sound of an elk in distress. 

Game Bags 

Game bags are essential in helping to cool the meat and possibly prevent it from going bad. They also help keep flies and dirt away from the meat.  

Remember that you want to keep the meat fresh and clean as long as possible before you can get to your freezer at home.  

The good news is that game bags are incredibly lightweight. Most of these bags can comfortably fit into your standard backpack when not in use. 

elk hunting


Elk hunting can be an experience to relish forever if approached with the right gear. As a parting shot, remember to check your local hunting laws to ensure you can legally hunt elk. 

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