June 7, 2023
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Updated YouTube video ideas for 2023: Start Your YouTube Channel now


When we want to about a certain topic in detail we first go to YouTube and watch different YouTube videos. And mostly we found the answers. This video-sharing platform is ruling the video industry for a long time. You can think of the size of this platform that Around 5 billion (More than half of the world’s population) videos are watched every day. And there are more than 50 million YouTube channels in the world right now. But why does this platform has no competitor? Because it allows YouTube video creators to earn money from their videos. And due to that factor, the world is jumping into the content creation industry. 

We all know that YouTube has all the content of any field and topic. And more than 2,400 videos are uploaded on the platform every minute. So, if you are looking for a solution what type of YouTube channel will work best for you? And which type of YouTube videos you should upload to earn good money and grow quickly. Then till the end of this post, you will know all the details to jump into the YouTube world. And the first question that will disturb you that what niche should I choose. So, let’s start with this question.

Choosing a Niche:

The most basic thing while choosing the niche is to know what you love to do. And simply start doing that and present professionally in your YouTube videos to engage and attract viewers. But to make it more clear for you there are some questions that you can ask yourself while choosing a niche.

  1. What is my passion?
  2. In which you could write a whole book?
  3. What do you love to do?
  4. What is the one thing that makes you happy that you can present in your YouTube video?
  5. Which skills define you?
  6. What types of topics you are into?
  7. What kind of content you can see for a long time?

These are some of the basic but important questions while choosing the niche. And creating YouTube videos about. Creating a YouTube video will look like a fun process to you if choose the right niche for your channel. But these are not just the things to think about before choosing the niche. You should also research the trending topics and fields and which fields have high competition. Because if you love to do a certain thing and that thing is already available or competitive on YouTube then you should choose the second-best thing you can do. Or do proper research according to your strengths and skills. 

Platforms to find a Niche:

There are thousands of sources available to look more into a YouTube niche. Like there is the most popular forum platform Quora where people questions and answer. And you should find the questions related to your niche or any other niche that looks untouched and have a high audience then you should start doing that. There are other platforms to search for ideas of niches to create Teaser Video Maker about. You can easily find categories and subcategories on Amazon. And you can easily find thousands of hobbies on Wikipedia. You can easily find some topics in google suggestions or google trends.

Top Ideas That have a high chance to grow Quickly:

First, let me tell you that these are the ideas that I find from my research. And they are based on the competition and the content available or the YouTube videos available in that field. One example is creating a story telling channel on YouTube but you need to know some animation for that. But don’t worry if you don’t know about animation. Because there are a lot of Video Animation Company you can hire for that purpose.  Or You can also select other options if you think that you can break the wheel of competition on that topic. So, let’s find the ideas that I think will work in 2023. 

1) You can teach a Language or talk about to travel your country:

There are many countries in the world that are not visited and the world does not know much about them. And there are less or YouTube videos available. Many countries have more than one official language. And if you are living in a country then you can teach the world your language. And tell them how to visit your country. What is the process to reach your country? How to communicate and what should they visit when they visit the country like that. Once you will start thinking about those more YouTube video ideas will knock on your brain’s door.

2) Tell about plants or teach about them:

This niche has also very less competition and if know about plants or anything related to gardens than you can gain a big audience and create many YouTube videos on this topic.

3) Tell a story in a different way:

People love to listen to stories and if you can write or present the stories engagingly then you will get a huge audience for your channel very quickly. Like, use animation in your storytelling videos. I know that many channels are doing that but the growth of this type of channel depends on the strong storyline of the YouTube video. And you can present your stories in your way. And that will show your uniqueness in the field.

4) Perform:

Showcase your talent and create YouTube videos performing those skills. Like if you are a magician or an animator then you can upload YouTube videos to teach the audience or to entertain them with your talent. That is all up to you. But the niche is a bit highly competitive but you can create your own space easily by showing some uniqueness in your YouTube videos. 

5) Teach Survival Techniques:

Teach the world how to survive in any kind of situation and create YouTube videos that revolve around the survival topic. This is very important and not many are teaching this on YouTube.

Some More Ideas:

6) Tell people about Jobs.

7) Tell people about happiness and how to groom their selves.

8) Show or teach arts and crafts

9) Specific niches according to gender like grooming and how to better how to gain confidence for men etc.

10) Teach the world about parenting

Bottom Line:

There could be many ideas you can find to create a YouTube channel but, in the end, it is up to you to decide which topic will be easier for you. The unique and better content you will provide the audience. If you are confused then first select a niche according to your interest and start creating YouTube videos on that in your unique way.

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