June 16, 2024

In addition to instant funds, credit cards have many benefits, such as secure payment protocols, easy management with a credit card app, and rewards suites. Knowing its full benefits allows you to make purchases much more streamlined and simpler. 

Here’s an overview of the top benefits of a credit card.

Secure Payment Option 

Credit card payments are relatively more secure than debit card payments. This is because it comes with fraud protection and robust security measures. This includes: 

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Virtual card provisions
  • EMV chip technology
  • CVV and PIN verifications

In fact, you can even opt to charge back fraudulent transactions, and this provision isn’t available with other card types. This benefit is applicable whether you use the credit card online or offline. 

Universal Acceptance 

A majority of merchants and shopkeepers accept credit cards for payment across the world. This is why carrying a credit card for purchases is a smart option, as it is useful almost everywhere. This is especially beneficial when travelling overseas, as other types of cards may not work. 

Earn Rewards and Cashback

When you make purchases with your credit card, you can earn predetermined reward points on every purchase. You can accumulate these points to get discounts on future purchases or save money on credit card bills. 

Other payment methods rarely offer this type of benefit. If they do, the degree to which you earn rewards will likely be less than a credit card. 

Improves Your Credit Score

Using your credit card and paying the bill on time is the easiest and fastest path to improving your credit score. You can use credit cards for grocery shopping, utility bill payments, and other purposes. 

Therefore, every day is an opportunity to boost your score. Also, if you have certain recurring expenses, using your credit card instead of cash or debit card is ideal. This way, you handle the expenses you normally would while improving your credit score.  

Manage Big Ticket Purchases 

Credit cards also boost your purchasing power by instantly giving you access to a significant amount of funds. Thus, you don’t have to wait until you have enough savings; you can complete purchases immediately. However, you should be mindful to utilise only up to 40% of the assigned limit to keep your credit score intact. 

Effortless Tracking 

Most issuers have credit card apps, making it easy to track your credit card transactions. This gives you complete control of your finances and lets you plan your budget and upcoming purchases.

Emergency Assistance 

Most people keep a lump sum amount as savings for emergencies. However, having an accurate estimate of how much money you will need during emergencies is impossible. This is where a credit card comes in handy, as it gives you a small amount of preapproved credit instantly.

To enjoy all these benefits and more, you can opt for the One Credit Card, a premium metal credit card. It offers 5X rewards points on your top two spending categories, no-cost EMIs, no annual or joining fees, and exclusive discounts.

You can opt for all these benefits and manage all your credit card spending easily with the powerful One Credit Card app. With it, you can track all your spending to improve your spending habits and set controls too. Apply online to enjoy a better purchasing experience.

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