June 16, 2024
ivf treatment

ivf treatment

First of all, you need to know what an IVF treatment consists of : there are various steps and actions to be taken to prepare the body for the procedure, at specific times:

  • One month before in vitro fertilization you need to start taking care of your body, also changing your lifestyle (diet, alcohol, smoking, sport, etc.). The specialist can prescribe drugs at this stage to regulate the cycle and food supplements.
  • Ovarian stimulation, when necessary: ​​lasts from 3 to 12 days depending on the case. It serves to produce a greater number of eggs than the single physiological monthly ovulation. It can bring side effects so it is a preparation that must be carried out very carefully and followed by the fertility center specialist .
  • Administration by injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It is a hormone that helps the release of the eggs and is carried out approximately 36 hours before their collection, with a procedure known as oocyte pick-up, which can be performed in a qualified facility. The eggs will be fertilized in vitro within a few hours with the partner’s/donor’s sperm.
  • The administration of progesterone begins to prepare the uterus for the implantation of the embryo and therefore reduce the risk of miscarriage.
  • After a few days, when the suitable embryo has formed, it is implanted in the mother’s womb and the pregnancy begins.

IVF preparation, supplements

Do-it-yourself is prohibited: food supplements should only be taken on medical advice. However, folic acid is a standard prescription in every pregnancy: at least 400 mcg per day: it is a vitamin known to prevent neural tube diseases such as spina bifida in babies, but it also helps to avoid spontaneous abortions. reduction of homocysteine, which is linked to miscarriages. The integration of Vitamin C 1000 mg per day (which stimulates progesterone in women and improves sperm quality) as well as Vitamin D can also be useful. Other minerals such as Genova fertility centre can improve sperm health and prevent miscarriages.

Fivet preparation, nutrition

As in every pregnancy and even before this one, it is important to take care of your diet, to have a healthy and perfectly functioning body, free from nutrient deficiencies of any kind and an optimal weight. A scientific study has highlighted how the Mediterranean diet is able to improve the chances of success of IVF cost in young women, while other works have underlined how a healthy diet positively influences the quality of sperm. So what to eat? Green light for fresh fruit and vegetables, prefer whole grains and lean meats, alternate animal proteins with legumes, limit fats and salt. Avoid alcohol and drink lots of water. Always keep your weight under control: obesity is an unfavorable factor for pregnancies.

Fivet preparation, sport

Sport is always good, even during an IVF cycle. It helps maintain a healthy weight, oxygenates the body, strengthens muscles and relieves stress. Those who are already following a constant training path can continue, although it is recommended to avoid high impact situations. Those who are just starting out can dedicate themselves to long, brisk walks, water aerobics, cycling, swimming, etc. Yoga and meditation exercises are also recommended.

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