June 19, 2024
How to Optimize Your Website for Faster Video Streaming?

Visuals play an important role in conveying the intended information effortlessly. According to stats, websites with videos on landing pages can even increase conversion rates by 80%. This is why every modern-day business is now incorporating captivating videos and visuals into its site. While it is important to have visuals on your site, it is also important to keep the content optimized for users.

If your videos take longer to load, visitors can get frustrated and eventually leave the website. According to Think with Google, the probability of bounce increases by 32% if the page loading time goes from 1 to 3 seconds. Unoptimized content can also pull you down the ranking ladder by affecting your SEO efforts. This is why it’s important to continually optimize your content, lengthen browsing time, lower bounce rate, and increase conversion rate.

Let’s dig deeper into the article and find out how to optimize your website for faster video streaming.

Top 4 Ways to Optimize a Website for Smooth Video Streaming

Any aspect of your website that takes longer to load can be bad for your site’s performance. Website content that takes over 4 seconds is considered slow, and 2.5 to 4 seconds is considered average. Only websites that have under 2.5 seconds are considered fast, and they can satisfy user needs. Knowing this, it’s important to ensure your website is well-optimized to provide a smooth browsing experience for users.

Here are 4 ways to optimize your website for a lightning-fast video streaming experience.

1. Choose Appropriate Video Formats

Most businesses just upload the camera-recorded recordings to their website, which takes a long time for users to load. When it comes to the web, certain video formats are supported by browsers like Chrome and Firefox, including WebM and MPEG-4 (MP4), which are the most commonly used video formats.

While Chrome and Firefox support WebM, MP4 is an ideal format that supports all browsers. Therefore, when there are only a few supported formats, it’s important to convert them into appropriate video formats before uploading. However, if you are still experiencing slow loading, it can be due to a sluggish server. This is why most site owners opt for VPS hosting to run their sites on a powerful server to ensure fast streaming.

2. Compress Your Videos

Once you have converted the video into the right format, it’s time to compress it. Specifically, if you have a high-quality video with a huge size, it can put a massive load on the user’s end. If the users have slow Internet access, then the video will take longer to load and have buffering, too.

Compressing allows you to reduce the overall size of the video, making it faster to load and stream. There are countless tools you can use on the Internet to compress the size of your video. These tools can reduce the size significantly without compromising on quality. This also helps you save some extra storage on your server and utilize it for other website needs.

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3. Make the Resolution Adjustable

In most websites, users are forced to stream the video in a specified format by the site owner. Now, if the user has slow Internet, he will struggle to stream the video. This is why it’s important to have the functionality on your site to allow visitors to adjust the resolution. This makes your website user-friendly and enables them to watch at their preferred resolution.

This is crucial because if the visitor is browsing from a smaller screen, he won’t need a high-resolution video. If there are no options to adjust the resolution, the user will be forced to stream an inappropriate format video. This is specifically important if most of your audience visits the site through mobile phones or tablets.

4. Choose a Faster Hosting

While optimizing your site content for faster streaming is important, your server also plays a vital role in this. If your site is hosted on a shared setting, you will experience a sluggish streaming experience. This is because streaming requires a massive resource hog, and if the server resources are shared, it can affect the experience.

In such scenarios, when your website has sudden traffic spikes, all your network bandwidth is consumed. As a result, video streaming becomes even slower for users. This is why it’s important to have a hosting plan with some sort of scalability. For that, you can acquire a reliable plan from managed VPS hosting Dubai solutions to run your site on a scalable server.

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Do You Want to Ensure Fast Video Streaming on Your Website?

Video streaming can be very resource-intensive and requires a highly efficient website server. Acquire a powerful hosting plan that is scalable and comes with sufficient resources to cater to your site’s needs. Contact professionals now to get tailored hosting solutions that ensure lightning-fast video streaming.

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