July 20, 2024

Welcome to a realm of elegant design and luxurious living. SunScan, the leading bathroom fitters in Reigate, is here to transform your regular bathroom into an extravagant spa-like retreat.

The Art of Refurbishment

Refurbishment is not just about replacing old fixtures with new ones. It’s a meticulous process that requires a deep understanding of aesthetics, functionality, and personal preferences. The skilled bathroom fitters at SunScan excel in creating designs that cater to your unique needs and tastes.

Our Approach to Bathroom Fitting

At SunScan, we believe in providing an all-inclusive service. From initial consultation to the final touch, our team ensures each stage of the bathroom fitting process is carried out with utmost precision.


Our process begins with an in-depth consultation session. We understand your requirements, preferences, and vision for your dream bathroom. We then provide expert advice on the latest trends and designs that would best suit your needs.


After understanding your requirements, we create a comprehensive design plan that includes every detail from tile choice to fixture selection. With SunScan’s team of expert bathroom fitters in Reigate, you can rest assured that your bathroom will be the epitome of luxury and comfort.


Our team of experienced professionals ensures a hassle-free installation process. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and workmanship, delivering a stunning bathroom that exceeds your expectations.

Elevate Your Space with SunScan

Transform your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious retreat with SunScan. Our team of professional bathroom fitters in Reigate is committed to delivering a bathroom that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to innovate in the realm of bathroom fitting, we invite you to explore the possibilities of luxury refurbishment with us. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for creating stunning designs ensure that we remain at the forefront of luxury bathroom fitting in Reigate.

Join us in the journey of transforming bathrooms into luxurious retreats. Contact SunScan, the leading bathroom fitters in Reigate, today.

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