July 13, 2024

Wolverine is one of the most iconic TV and Comic super-heroes. Currently, the character is played by Hugh Jackman in the movies, and his signature style has made him almost synonymous with the character. 

While there are only two official movies titled the Wolverine and Logan, Hugh Jackman does make an appearance in almost every X Men movie. We’ll look at the character, his best versions, and upcoming projects surrounding Wolverine.  

How Many Wolverine Comics and Movies Are There?

There are 323 comic issues and 11 annuals, written and drawn by various people. The first four issues were written by Chris Claremont and penciled by Frank Miller. There are only two stand-alone Wolverine movies and the third one ( Deadpool and Wolverin) is in progress.

However, there are multiple other movies like the X-Men series that have the Wolverine. These movies are in a progression and cover the story of Wolverine and his companions in their struggles against various foes. You can watch all the Wolverine movies in order with the help of the linked guide. 

Who Is Wolverine?

Wolverine is a youth icon and perhaps one of the most popular Marvel Comic characters. The character is known for his rough around the edge personality, dry wit, and sharp claws that protrude from his knuckles. Over the years, countless renditions and spin-off series have been created with Wolverine as the main character.

The character is best known for his place on the X-Man team, under the tutelage of Charles Xavier. Over the years, Wolverine has been parts of various temporary teams, including the iconic avengers, Spider Man, Deadpool.

Why Is Wolverine So Famous?

Wolverine is different from other characters because he is an anti-hero. Back in the 70s and 80s a new league of characters were introduced that ditched the traditional goody two shoes attitude of classic comics. This change was a direct result of the Vietnam war and rising global turmoil.

Due to these global changes, characters that didn’t hesitate in killing and perused the darkness of life were more popular. Wolverine was one such character, and his background in the army made him very relatable. His rough nature and chaotic goodness made him and other characters like the Punisher very popular.

Who Plays the Wolverine in the Movies?

Hugh Michael Jackson has always been the main actor for Wolverine’s character in movies. He played Wolverine in the first X Men movie (2000) and was an instant success. Since, Wolverine has become synonymous with Hugh Jackman.

He played OId Man Logan in the movie titled “Logan,” where he presumably died and passed on the mantle to his adopted daughter. The new Deadpool and Wolverine movie will most likely uproot that event, because Wolverine returns in all his glory.

What is the Current Wolverine Lore?

As of now, Wolverine is dead in the MCU after the events of Logan. However, the new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer shows that Wolverine returns. While this is going on, there are rumors that Hugh Jackman will hang up his claws and pass the baton to a new actor.

While the trailer makes no mention of any such thing there are some nuances that could hint at the possibility if you do some mental gymnastics. Overall, Hugh Jackman is still our favorite anti-hero, the Wolverine. 

When is the New Wolverine Coming Out?

The New Wolverine and Deadpool movie is coming out on 26 July 2024. The movie is a crossover between the Wolverine and Deadpool, presumably after the events of End Game and Logan. It will also introduce the X Men into the MCU, as Deadpool and Wolverine traverse the vast expanses of space and time.

Hugh Jackman will resume the role of Wolverine, while Ryan Reynolds will portray the Merc With a Mouth “Deadpool.” Other details about the movie haven’t been released yet, however, the hype is building up.

Some Deadpool and Wolverine Theories

Here are some popular theories about Wolverine and Deadpool criculating various groups and forums:

  • Wolverine killed off the X-Men in this MCU universe under the influence of Cassandra Nova, which is why his world was a let down. Deadpool recruits Wolverine when he becomes a member of the TVA. 
  • Robert Downey Junior will return as a digital version of Iron Man in the movie. Some forum theorists suggest that it could set the pace for an upcoming Iron Man 4 movie, where the titular hero resumes his journey in the MCU.
  • Wolverine will hang up his claws and pass the duties to another, younger, variant Wolverine. This theory is substantiated by some aspects of the movie, such as Deadpool and Wolverine traversing different multiverses.
  • Deadpool and Wolverine could introduce a new actor as Wolverine. Some theories suggest that Daniel Radcliffe will take up the mantle, while others point towards Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy. 

There is no official confirmation of any of these theories and most of these have major plotholes. Marvel has a history of throwing something completely unexpected to its audience, so we could expect the same with this movie. 

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