July 12, 2024
AWS-certified cloud practitioner

AWS cloud practitioner CLF-C01 exam when released was regarded as a pilot release, but the board has announced a new more anticipated version of it named AWS certified cloud practitioner CLF-C02 exam six years later. In June 2023, AWS announced the updated version of it. 

But the practical examination was started on September 19, 2023. AWS is on the way to updating your knowledge and understanding by introducing new and innovative certifications. In addition, they are implementing new updates on each examination as well. In this blog post we are going to know the main differences between CLF-C01 and CLF-C02. 

Who can appear in the AWS certified cloud practitioner CLF-C02 exam?

AWS cloud practitioner foundational examination has been designed for the following candidates. 

  • Individuals who are not from an IT background and want career transition towards cloud-based solutions. 
  • Professionals who are giving services in sales, project management, and product management. 
  • For people who are working on the provision of customer services and want to communicate effectively with stakeholders and AWS professionals to elevate their careers, it is best for them. 
  • aws certified cloud practitioner exam is effective as well for those who are just entering the IT field. And they want to get a basic understanding of AWS and cloud computing. 

Criteria for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (CLF-C02) exam

Only those candidates can appear in the examination who have acquired hands-on experience in AWS cloud designing, operations, implementations, and practical knowledge of six months. Therefore it is good for individuals who are pursuing a career in cloud computing. To do so  get expertise in the following: 

  • Get the basic principles and concepts related to AWS cloud. 
  • Understanding of security, and compliance considerations related to AWS. 
  • Be proficient in the foundational services of AWS. 
  • Find all the economic aspects related to AWS clouding. 

How CLF-C02 is Different from  CLF-C01

A number of domains will be the same in the older version and the updated version but a number of questions will be different in both. In the updated version of this AWS-certified cloud practitioner exam, a few new topics and adjustments have been made. These are a few modifications due to which CLF-CO2 is different from CO1:

  • Weightage of security and domain has been increased up to 5% now they cover 30% of exams. 
  • The weightage of cloud technology and services has been increased by 1%. 
  • Cloud concepts are reduced by up to 2%. And that questions have been adjusted in other areas. 
  • The Department of Pricing and Support also reduced up to 4%. 
  • Tasks related to mitigation and business applications have been increased up to a proportion. Due to this, it is also good for people with non-IT backgrounds. And can find the ways to expand their business by finding all businesses that can expand themselves. 
  • A few concepts related to the principles of cloud designing were mentioned in the old version but the new one is designed with the focus of a well-architected framework. Candidates can make preparations by following the practices of that articulated framework.

Domains Covered in CLF-C02 Exam

AWS-certified cloud practitioner exam domains have been divided into the following parts. Each one covers some specific part of the examination. Getting basic concepts and understanding of these helps to pass the examination with flying colors. These are the domains you should cover in way of exam preparation: 

  • Cloud concepts 
  • Security and Compliance 
  • Cloud technology and services 
  • billing, pricing, and support 

Cloud concepts 

  • This part covers 24% of the examination. And you will solve 16 questions related to it. 
  • You should have a basic understanding of AWS clouding, global infrastructure, cost savings, adoption framework, and well-architected framework. 
  • This part is actually focused on the understanding of reducing the business risk and ways to boost the business efficiency. 

Security and Compliance

  • This domain covers about 30% of the examination. And there will be 20 questions related to the exam. 
  • To conquer it, understand the shared responsibility model, with the definition of customer responsibilities, and get secure solutions for it. 
  • Get a deep understanding of security principles and cover AWS security services for encryption, governance, and access management. 

Cloud technology and services 

  • This domain covers about 34% of examinations and there will be 22 questions related to it. 
  • This domain is exactly the same as the previous versions but there is addition of only a few services and categories. 
  • It is not crucial to be an expert but to have basics for the identification of services ,like Machine Learning and transfer and mitigation. 

Billing, Pricing, and Support 

  • This section covers about 12% of the exam and you have to solve only 8 questions related to it. 
  • To attempt those queries, have a deep understanding of cost management and learn the use of different cost management tools including AWS cost explorer, budgets, and pricing calculator. 
  • Find support resources, plans and documentations related to it. 


How is CLF-C02 Different from  CLF-C01?

There is only one major difference that differentiates CLF-C02 from CLF-C01 which is a reduction in the number of questions related to billing, support, and pricing. 

Can we rely on the use of CLF-C02 Dumps?

It is not advisable at all to rely on the use of CLF-C02 dumps at any cost. But you should use the study guide and questions related to it. 

What are the domains covered in AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 Exam?

These are the domains covered in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 Exam: 

  • Cloud concepts 
  • Security and compliance 
  • Cloud technology and services 
  • Billing, pricing, and support 

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