July 20, 2024

Global Automotive Seat Market Analysis


The Automotive Seat Market, a sector poised for significant expansion, is projected to reach a staggering US$ 105.65 Billion by 2032, a substantial increase from its current value of US$ 74.42 Billion in 2023. This projection, combined with a robust CAGR of 3.97% between 2024 and 2032, underscores the vast growth potential of the market.


The automotive seat plays a vital role in a vehicle by providing essential comfort to the driver. Not only do these seats enhance the vehicle’s overall style through integration with interior parts and fabric materials, but they also serve as crucial components designed to support the driver’s thighs, buttocks, lower and upper back, as well as providing head support. These seats are typically constructed using steel, aluminum, or a combination of materials. The increasing sales of passenger, electric, and commercial vehicles worldwide are significant driving factors behind the growth of the automotive seat market.



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Driving Factor in the Automotive Seat Market


Rising purchases of automotive vehicles: The increasing sales of automotive vehicles are expected to lead to a growing demand for automotive seats, propelling the market forward. Continuous technological advancements are revolutionizing car seats, incorporating innovative features that offer improved control and adaptability. These advancements are significantly contributing to the expansion of the automotive seat market. Furthermore, the surging popularity of personal vehicles is further fueling this growth, supported by the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Individuals leveraging these platforms to showcase vehicle comfort are instigating a desire among viewers to invest in these vehicles.


Increasing temperatures attributable to climate change: The increasing global temperatures as a result of climate change pose challenges for drivers and passengers when traveling in vehicles. This environmental impact is expected to drive the automotive seat market to adopt innovative technologies. For example, prolonged exposure of a passenger car to sunlight can lead to the accumulation of heat, making it unpleasant for occupants to enter and sit inside the vehicle.


Recent Development: Car seats are now equipped with new technology that allows them to be cooled or heated. They feature small holes, built-in coolers, and fans to keep you cool in warm weather, while heaters provide warmth in cold weather. This type of seating is gaining popularity, with heated, powered, and ventilated applications now available in many affordable vehicles. In October 2022, NHK Spring Co. Ltd developed innovative automobile seats designed to reduce motion sickness. These seats include a headrest with a unique structure and a hand support for smartphone use. The effectiveness of these designs has been proven, and the company aims to enhance their value in preparation for the gradual commercialization of automated driving technology.


Asia-Pacific Automotive Seat Market


The automotive seat market in the Asia Pacific is flourishing due to the rapidly growing automobile industry. This growth is supported by increasing disposable incomes, urbanization, and the presence of major global and local automobile manufacturers. The diverse consumer base drives the demand for a wide range of automotive seating solutions. Additionally, technological innovation and cost-effective manufacturing further support market growth. Moreover, the increasing focus on electric vehicles (EVs) in the region is driving the need for lightweight seats, favoring market growth. The increasing need for affordable vehicles in Asian countries like South Korea, China, Japan, and India can be linked to changes in consumer behavior brought about by pandemics. With the rise in vehicle manufacturing and sales, China is anticipated to become the fastest-growing automotive seat market in the region. India’s automotive market is the fastest-growing in the Asia-Pacific region. Despite a significant drop in vehicle sales due to the pandemic, the market has since rebounded and is expected to continue growing. In 2023, India sold over 4.1 million cars, sedans, and utility vehicles, marking an 8.2% increase from the previous year.


Automotive Seat Company Analysis


Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd., Gentherm Incorporated, IFB Automotive, Magna International Inc., Tata Autocomp Systems Limited, Grammar Seating Systems, Adient Inc., Lear Corporation, and Toyota Boshoku Corporation are among the industry leaders in the Global Automotive Seat Market.


Global Automotive Seat Market News


In January 2024, Baby Jogger launched the City Turn convertible car seat in Canada. It features a secure rotating mechanism that allows for a 180-degree turn in rear-facing mode, bringing a child closer to the parent for easier access.


November 2022: Lear Corporation (Lear) has acquired InTouch Automation, a complex automated testing equipment supplier, and Industry 4.0 technologies essential to producing automotive seats. This acquisition enhances Lear’s just-in-time (JIT) seating production process by standardizing testing procedures and increasing capacity for real-time data collection and analysis.


December 2022: Faurecia SE (Faurecia) has signed a development agreement with Indorama Ventures to create a new line of cushioning solutions called “Auraloop” for the automotive market. Auraloop is constructed from a structure of 100% recyclable polyester-based fibers, and it aims to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicle seat cushions while providing improved comfort for occupants.


In December 2022, Faurecia entered into a development agreement with Indorama Ventures to introduce a new range of cushioning solutions, named “Auraloop,” for the mobility market.

In March 2022, Toyota Boshoku, Aisin Seiki, and Shiroki agreed that Toyota Boshoku would acquire Shiroki’s commercial rights for the automotive seat frame mechanism parts.


In October 2022, Magna announced a new joint venture with Guangdong Huatie Tongda High-Speed Railway Equipment Corporation, located in Qingdao, Shandong. The collaboration aims to provide seating system solutions for specific clients’ New Energy Vehicles.


Seat Type – Global Automotive Seat Market breakup in 3 viewpoints:

  1. Bucket
  2. Bench
  3. Others


Vehicle Type – Global Automotive Seat Market breakup in 2 viewpoints:

  1. Passenger Car
  2. Commercial Vehicle

Vehicle Energy Source Type – Global Automotive Seat Market breakup in 4 viewpoints:

  1. Gasoline
  2. Diesel
  3. Electric
  4. LPG


Technology – Global Automotive Seat Market breakup in 4 viewpoints:

  1. Powered Seats
  2. Standard Seats
  3. Ventilated Seats
  4. Other Seats

Country – Global Automotive Seat Market breakup in 25 viewpoints:

North America

  1. United States
  2. Canada


  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Belgium
  7. the Netherlands
  8. Turkey

Asia Pacific

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. India
  4. Australia
  5. South Korea
  6. Thailand
  7. Malaysia
  8. Indonesia
  9. New Zealand

Latin America

  1. Brazil
  2. Mexico
  3. Argentina

Middle East & Africa

  1. South Africa
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. United Arab Emirates

All the Key players have been covered from 4 Viewpoints:

  • Overview
  • Recent Development & Strategies
  • Product Portfolio & Product Launch in Last 1 Year
  • Revenue


Company Analysis:

  1. Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd.
  2. Gentherm Incorporated
  3. IFB Automotive
  4. Magna International Inc
  5. Tata Autocomp Systems Limited
  6. Grammar Seating Systems
  7. Adient Inc
  8. Lear Corporation
  9. Toyota Boshoku Corporation


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