July 22, 2024
International Schools

The ex-pat population in Singapore is high, and it keeps increasing constantly. The reason behind this is better job opportunities, a quality standard of living, and better educational facilities. Families from different parts of the world settle in the city to earn a livelihood, and they all look for international schooling options for their children. The city has many schools, catering to all fee budgets and standing tall on all requirements. But to choose the one that is best out of all is challenging. 

Primary school selection is crucial. It will decide the flow of the entire educational journey of your child. However, the countless options available can confuse the parents, leading to poor decision-making. Therefore, we have listed the best schools with nominal primary school fees in Singapore below to make decision-making convenient. 

Singapore Primary International Schools

The Global Indian International School Singapore

GIIS Singapore is a renowned school with multiple awards to its name. Their unique 9GEMS learning concept offers a better environment and a promising approach for the holistic growth of every child. Their academic records are excellent, with their students bringing laurels to the school every year. Additionally, their students perform well in co-curricular activities organized at the international level.

Curriculum: GIIS Singapore offers a Montessori learning curriculum for primary students and CBSE for higher classes. 

Fee: The annual fee for the primary section is around 21,350 Singapore dollars. 

St. Joseph’s Institution 

It is a catholic school with academic facilities that help design a promising future for every child. Their focus is on the overall development of a child, providing them with better facilities and opportunities for sports, co-curricular activities, and other fields of learning. They have separate societies for each skill, where children can learn and evolve with like-minded people.

Curriculum: The institute offers IPC (International Primary Curriculum) to prepare children for the situations they may face in the future. 

Fee: The annual fee for the primary section is around 31,405 Singapore dollars. 

One World International School

It is one of the best options for international schooling in Singapore, with ultra-modern facilities and value-based learning. Their dedicated staff and result-oriented teaching methodologies ensure the overall development of pupils, making them learned and confident to deal with the challenges that the future holds. In addition, they teach children to be self-reliant and have decision-making powers to take the challenging decisions in life. 

Curriculum: The school offers an IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum, which is globally recognized and gives international exposure to students. 

Fee: The annual fee for the primary section is around 19,200 Singapore dollars.

Dover Court International School

It is one of the best international schools in Singapore, with skilled teachers and all the necessary amenities that a child needs for overall development. They provide opportunities for music, dance, sports, and more so that the children can explore every aspect of learning. In addition, the campus and the teachers work together to prepare children for a globalized world. 

Curriculum: The primary section offers IPC (International Primary Curriculum) with English and mathematics as their primary subjects. 

Fees: Singapore primary school fees for Dover court international school is around 22,000 Singapore dollars. 

Rulang Primary School

Rulang Primary School works with a vision that if a student gets the right environment, he can do exceptionally well in academics and life. Therefore, they keep their attention focused on the holistic development of the children. Their focus is on building leadership, communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. 

Curriculum: The school offers an IB curriculum for students in all sections.

Fee: The annual fee charged by the school in the primary section is around 28000 Singapore Dollars.

There are countless other school options available, but you can skip the research part and opt for one from this list. Explore all the options thoroughly, check their website for details, and make a personal visit to make a decision. Pay attention to all the factors like skilled staff, state-of-the-art amenities, academic records, and more to make a wise decision. Make a calculative decision, and your child’s future will be secured.

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